Intellectual property

The Firm advises domestic and foreign clients on the protection of their intellectual property and claims against third party infringement.


The Firm provides the following services, among others:

• protection of distinctive signs: trademarks, commercial slogans, signs and trade names;

• protection of new creations: invention patents, utility models, integrated circuits and industrial designs;

• advice and preparation of compulsory use and use licenses;

• proceedings before the Council of State relating to intellectual property;

• protection of copyrights: deposit of copyrights, preparation of licensing agreements, assignment of rights, structuring of projects involving the development of works by collaborators or third parties;

• actions for the protection of intellectual property: actions for the usurpation of intellecutlal property; extrajudicial claims for infringement of intellectual property rights; border measures; domain name-related disputes on the internet;

• sanitary registrations.